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2 Minute Timer for Brushing of Teeth

The importance of brushing for the full 2 minutes is an oft-repeated piece of advice that dentists give to patients, and parents give to children. But, there is a science to back this up? Why 2 minutes and not one or four? How long should you brush your teeth to maintain good oral health? The fact is, brushing your teeth correctly and thoroughly is essential for healthy teeth and gums, but it takes time --- at least 2 minutes.

What the Experts Say

Experts who advise on how long you should brush your teeth usually recommend a minimum of 2 minutes, twice daily. A study published in the British Dental Journal examined 66 sources of dental information from around the world and found that a significant portion of them (26) advised brushing for 2 minutes. The American Dental Association backs the 2-minute rule, and runs a campaign called 2min2x to help parents get the message to children.

What Science Says

Research supports the recommendation to brush for at least 2 minutes. It seems obvious that the longer you brush your teeth, the more plaque you remove, and now a study published in The Journal of Dental Hygiene backs this up. The study analyzed the effect of brushing time on plaque removal across a range of time periods, from 30 seconds to three minutes. The researchers found that patients who brushed for 45 seconds removed 26 percent less plaque than patients who brushed for two minutes.

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